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DBT Projects

Biological control of fungal root rot disease of mulberry by endophytic bacteria burkholderia cepacia and bacillus subtilis strains. 
1. Screening and evaluation of Burkholderia cepacia and Bacillus subtilis strains against  fungal root rot pathogens of mulberry. 
2. Quantification of bacterial population threshold to induce systemic resistance through production of antifungal compounds 
3. Use of efficient strains against soil borne fungal pathogens of mulberry. 
DNA marker aided analysis of mulberry gene bank towards a core assembly for sustainable conservation and enhanced utilization in crop improvement (in collaboration with CSGRC, Hosur) 
1. Identification of a panel of diverse mulberry germplasm amenable to association mapping by marker (by genomic and EST SSRs) aided analysis – CSRTI, Mysore 
2. Construction of a core sub-set of mulberry germplasm by phenotypic and molecular marker (SSRs and AFLPs) analysis – CSRTI, Mysore & CSGRC, Hosur 
3. Evaluation of panel of diverse mulberry germplasm for other important traits viz., sprouting, senescence, rooting, leaf quality, yield contributing traits and key morphological characters – CSGRC, Hosur 
Popularization of productive bivoltine double hybrid “krishnaraja” with the farmers of Karnataka 
Popularization of double hybrid with the farmers of Srirangapatna taluk, Mandya district, Karnataka