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How to control Root Knot disease?

Root knot caused by a nematode, Meloidogynae incognita is one of the most serious and widely distributed diseases of mulberry. It is more prevalent in sandy soil under irrigated farming system. The disease is soil borne in nature and spreads through contaminated saplings, implements and cultivation of susceptible crops along with mulberry. The affected plants show stunted growth, marginal necrosis and chlorosis of leaves. The under ground symptoms include the formation of knots / galls on the roots.

Control measures: As mulberry is a perennial crop, it is difficult to control the disease by a single method. Therefore, integrated approach is recommended.

1. Apply neem / pongamia oil cake @ 2 MT / ha/year in four split doses.

2. Apply Bionema, a bionematicide of Verticillium chlamydosporeum developed by CSR&TI, Mysore. Mix 1 kg of Bionema with 24 kg Neem oil cake and 200 kg FYM and store for a week in shade maintaining 30% moisture content. Apply the mixture @ 200 g/plant around root-zone and cover with soil followed by irrigation.

3. In severe cases, apply nematicide Furadan 3 G (Carbofuran) @ 40 kg/ha/year or Sebufos @ 30 kg/ha/year in four split doses for effective control of disease (Safe period 40 days).