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ISC Congress Announcement



The 23rd Congress on Sericulture and Silk Industry, a triennial global assembly devoted for Sericulture & Silk Industry organized by the International Sericultural Commission will be held at Bangalore (India), from 24th to 27th November 2014.  The four day event is spaced out into eight Sections as indicated below:

Section Theme
Mulberry All aspects and areas concerning Mulberry
Bombyx mori Rearing, feeding, pathology, and breeding aspects of Bombyx mori (mulberry silkworm)
Non-mulberry silkworms Rearing, feeding, pathology, breeding, host-plants
Bacology of silkworms Silkworm as a biological model, genetics, physiology, biochemistry, genetic-engineering, molecular biology, developmental biology and genomics
Post-cocoon Technology Reeling, cocoon preservation, silk quality, gradation, weaving, product diversification and by-product utilization
Economy Domestic and international markets, prices, trading, economic analysis of projects, situation and statistics in different silk producing countries etc.,
Sericulture in non textile industries The silkworms and mulberries for medicals, pharmaceuticals, food, bio-technology, biomaterials.
Silk processing, trading and marketing All the activities in silk processing, import, export, silk consumption, global demand, marketing and promotion.
Papers’ Presentation: There would be oral presentations of select contributions in each of the 8 Sections.
Poster Presentations: Special time-slots would be allotted for parallel / exclusive Poster Presentations of select manuscripts on all 4 days of the Congress, as pertinent to each Section. 
Selection Process for Contributions: Each Section of the Congress would be presided by a specialist, who would select the contributions based on merit, contemporaneous issue selection, contextual appropriateness, equitable distribution of contributions to various Themes of different Sections, country-wise parity, and the time-slots available, etc. The President of the Section would also demarcate the contributions for Oral or Poster presentations. 
Your Contributions: Interested persons may please send their contributions in text not exceeding 5 pages (tables and figures included) giving the details of the contents of your contribution directly to the President (refer ISC website   of the corresponding section and a copy to the Secretariat of the International Sericulture Commission. 
Registration Forms: The Registration Forms can be downloaded from
Please note:  The last date for sending contributions together with payment is  26th September, 2014.