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Silkworm Improvement & Production (Multivoltine)

  • To undertake research project/ programme for silkworm improvement through conventional breeding and modern approaches in collaboration with national & international Institutes.
  • To develop productive polyvoltine breeds having tolerance to high temperature and BmNPV.
  • To undertake pre and post authorization of promising hybrids.
  • To maintain and supply breeders multivoltine stocks.
  • To carryout research on reproductive potential of races/ hybrids newly developed.
  • To produce and supply silkworm seed of newly evolved races/ hybrids for field trails.
  • To undertake multiplication of productive and new silkworm races (multi x bivoltine), generation of seed cocoons and F1 dfls.
  • To carryout research for optimizing yield through improved rearing technology packages for races/ hybrids.
  • To carryout research for development of tools/ equipment/ machines/ rearing houses for silkworm rearing.
  • To undertake the large scale evaluation programmes of new or introduced silkworm hybrids for commercial exploitation.
  • To up keep of the scientific equipments in the their respective labs.
Name Designation
Dr. Chandra Shekar, K.B. Scientist - D & Head
Dr. Purushotham, S. Scientist - D
Dr. Santha, P.C. Scientist - D
Ms. Soudamani, P.V. Scientist - D
Sh. Satish B Kulkarni Scientist - D