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What are the control measures for root rot disease?

Now a days, root-rot disease is becoming very serious and is caused by the fungus Fusarium solani and F.oxysporum. The disease appears in all types of soil and climate throughout the year. The disease appears in isolated patches in the garden and spreads quickly to surrounding areas. Infected plants show the symptoms of sudden withering of leaves followed by drying / death due to decaying of root.

Control measures:

1. As soon as the symptom appears, uproot the infected plants and burn it. Remove the soil up to one foot from the infected spot. Dust the pits with 3-4 g Dithane M-45 and plant new sapling after treating the root system in 0.1% Dithane M-45 solution for 30 minutes.

2. Raksha - a bio-fungicide developed by CSR&TI, Mysore for effective control. (i) For established garden : Mix 1 kg of Raksha (for 100 plants) with 50 kg FYM and store under shade for a week maintaining 30% moisture content and apply the mixture @ 500 g / plant around the root zone (ii) While replanting in the failure pits, apply 500 g of mixture per pit, plant the saplings treated with 0.1% Dithane M-45 solution for 30 minutes and cover with soil followed by irrigation.