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Some of the old publications on sericulture which are out of print are available for download in PDF version.

Title of Publication Authors Year
MULBERRY PESTS - Current Status & Practices N. Sakthivel, J.B. Narendra Kumar, N. Dhahira Beevi,  M. Devamani, R.S. Teotia 2019
Satish Verma, V Sivaprasad 2018
Seridoc  Half yearly publication - Vol.33(1)Vol.33(2) 2017

Mulberry Sericulture- Technology Discriptor

English        Hindi        Kannada        Tamil        Telugu

Balavenkatasubbaiah M, Mal Reddy N, Munirathnam Reddy M, Narendra Kumar J.B., Rajashekar K, Satish Verma 2017
Biological control of Insect Pests in Mulberry Sericulture J.B. Narendra Kumar, Vinod Kumar, V. Sivaprasad 2016

Commercial Chawki Rearing

English        Hindi        Kannada        Tamil   

V. Sivaprasad, M T Himantharaj, Satish Verma, T Mogali 2015
Organic Farming in Mulberry : Recent Breakthrough 2014
Pedigree of Multivoltine (V3) Silkworm Breeds developed at CSRTI, Mysore B.B. Bindroo, V. Premalatha, Dayananda, S.M. Moorthy, C. Prameshwara & K.P. Shivakumar 2014
Pedigree  of Bivoltine (V2) Silkworm Breeds developed at CSRTI, Mysore B.B. Bindroo, A. Naseema Begum, Mal Reddy & S.M. Moorthy 2014
Rain Water Harvesting & Its conservation for Mulberry Gardens Satish Verma & Bharat Bhusan Bindroo 2014
Sericulture Technologies Developed by CSRTI, Mysore B.B. Bindroo & Satish Verma 2014
R & D Advancements in Indian Sericulture - Proceddings B.B. Bindroo & Mukund V. Kirsur 2013
Technology Workshop in Hindi - Compilation Satish Verma, S.D. Sharma, B. Jayaramulu, D.D. Sharma & V. Jayashree 2013
Commercial Chawki Rearing - Exploring New Horizons Mukund V Kirsur, Dr. A. Mahima Santhi & J. Justin Kumar 2013
CPP 2008-12 -  A New Dimension in the Promotio of Bivoltine Sericulture S M H Qadri 2012
Management Strategies of Papaya Mealybug N Sakthivel, S M H Qadri, R Balakrishna, Mukund V Kirsur & S Mahiba Helen 2012
Seri Success through farmer's Innovation S M H Qadri 2011
A bibliography of research work in silkworm breeding (1960-2011) S M H Qadri, A Naseema Begum, N Mal Reddy, S M Moorthy, S Nirmal Kumar & Sowmyashree 2011
Young Age Silkworm Reaaring Trainer's Guide R Gururaj & S B Magadum 2009
Titles & Abstracts on Silkworm Diseases J Justin Kumar 2008
Silkworm Rearing House Design & Construction S B Dandin & Satish Verma 2006
Mechanisation in Sericulture Satish Verma  & S B Dandin 2006
Silkworm Breeds & Hybrids at Glore S B Dandin, H K Basavaraja & N Suresh Kumar 2005
Large Scale production of Mulberry Saplings S.B. Dandin, A. Sarkar & R. Balakrishna 2002
Manual on Bivoltine Rearing, Race Maintenance and Multiplication R K Datta, H K Basavaraja & Y Mano 1996
Manual on Mounting and Harvesting Technology R K Rajan, T Inokuchi & R K Datta 1996
Manual on Young Age Silkworm Rearing R K Rajan, A Murogai & R K Datta 1996
Problems of Soils and Their Management in Mulberry Gardens in Tropics (In Hindi) P C Bose & K Sengupta 1993
A Guide for Bivoltine Rearing (in Hindi) R K Datta 1992
Diseases and Pests of Mulberry and Their Control K Sengupta, Govindaiah & Pradip Kumar 1991
New technology for Silkworm Rearing S Krishnaswamy 1990
Improved Method Rearing Younf Age (Young) Silkworms S Krishnaswamy 1990
Problematic Soils of Mulberry Garden and Their Management P C Bose & K Sengupta 1990
Sericulture Practices for Hilly Areas of South India M N Narasimhanna, N M Kanyadi, C Ravi Kumar & H K Basavaraju 1990
A Treatise on the Acid Treatment of Silkworm Eggs N M Biram Saheb, K Sengupta & G Vemananda Reddy 1990
Genetics Resources of Mulberry and Utilisation K Sengupta & S B Dandin 1989
A Guide for Bivoltine Sericulture K Sengupta 1989
Ushna Kothi S S Gosh & C N Ramaswamy 1989
Vijay – An Improved Reeling Machine S S Gosh & C N Ramaswamy 1989
Mulberry Cultivation as High Bush and Small Tree in Hilly Regions S B Dandin & K Sengupta 1988
Prospects of Sericulture in Tea & Coffe Plantations M S Jolly 1987
Proceedings of the Meeting on Prospects of Sericulture in Tea and Coffee Plantations K Sengupta 1987
Economics of Sericulture under rained conditions M S Jolly 1986
Economics of Sericulture under irrigated conditions M S Jolly 1986
Organisation of Industrial Bivoltine Sericulture for Tropics M S Jolly 1986
Mulberry Cultivation in South India S Krishnaswamy 1986
Mulberry Descriptor S B Dandin & M S Jolly 1986
Collection, Conservation & Evaluation of Mulberry (Morus spp.) Germplasm M S Jolly & S B Dandin  1986